Digital skills training center

VietphatEdu is a project that VietPhatGroup will implement and deploy in the future in Binh Duong province as well as the Southeast area.

With the intention of playing a little role in the process of developing student knowledge and international integration. VietPhat Edu is a digital education pioneer, as well as an orientation and study abroad programme for youngsters. We constantly bear in mind at VietPhat Edu that students are the generations that will inherit and promote what their grandfathers and dads left behind. As a result, we wish to provide a firm foundation for them, beginning with the academic path and continuing with the essential soft skills.
VietPhatEdu is actively active in the following sectors


Digital skills

VPE is a division that collaborates with Asia Creative Education Joint Stock Company (AI Education) to administer and promote the Digital Skills Training Program, which trains students with expertise and soft skills in Cloud Computing - Google Cloud. This programme is called  Futureskill.

Building the future

VPE connects with universities in Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States to promote and advise parents of kids on the best universities and scholarships for their children's actual abilities. Our goal is to become one of the most reputable study abroad counselling organizations in Binh Duong and the Southeast region. Serving overseas students and their parents' concerns

Complete integration

Understanding Language is always a challenge in people's communication and learning at school and even at work.VPE collaborates with schools in the Philippines to offer learning programmes and summer programmes for students of all ages in an English-only environment. As a conclusion, people will develop and improve their English skills, effectively supporting the demands of both work and study.