Periodic maintenance service

Any type of equipment, no matter how little or large, will eventually have technical issues that require maintenance, repair, and servicing. VietPhatGroup is committed to performing the correct maintenance process in a professional manner. The system will always work at its best. With many years of experience as a unit implementing and installing projects in major cities and provinces, as well as being the official distributor of many brands such as Jablotron, HKVision, Vantech, Bosch, and Panasonic.

System maintenance services of VietPhatGroup include

  • Maintenance of Integrated Security Camera system
  • Maintenance of fire protection system
  • Maintenance of Smarthome system
  • Maintenance of smart lighting system
  • System M&E maintenance

VietPhatGroup's maintenance process:

  • Step 1: Consultancy services and a survey.
  • Step 2: Create a maintenance schedule 
  • Step 3: Plan the building project.
  • Step 4: Operation and calibration trials.
  • Step 5: Acceptance, handover to use
  • Step 6: The technical staff will return standard maintenance on schedule, going through the same steps as before.


What will consumers receive from VietPhatGroup's Maintenance, Maintenance, and Renovation service?

  • Customers are frequently reviewed and assessed by the system, VietPhatGroup personnel provide reports and warnings about the customer's equipment, and if it is avoided when needed, the device does not operate.
  • The security mechanism is always active, preventing data loss (such as observing system cameras, storage hard drives, etc.).
  • When keeping the contract, the system is protected, the maintenance period is extended, and customers are serviced in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Service maintenance, maintenance, and improvement of VietPhatGroup's system is devoted to always guaranteeing the feature continuous-ready, assisting clients to constantly be secure in production.