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Do you want smart home construction? Don't know where to go for a trustworthy Smart Home equipment and setup source who offers authentic, high-quality products? Many individuals who wish to design and build a smart home are concerned about this.

With many years of expertise in equipment production, solution design, and housing project building, VietPhatGroup will be one of the greatest options for you now.

Here are some noteworthy advantages of

Quality products

VietPhatGroup smart house construction:

"The smart technology products from VietPhatGroup may be controlled remotely or automatically, and are connected by new technology 4.0, artificial intelligence AI, which provides customers with a comfortable living area." VietPhatGroup's smart home solution promotes synchronisation, unity, and makes smart gadgets simply connectable and compatible with one another, resulting in a fantastic experience for you and your family.

Dedicated team of engineers

Separate design to assure aesthetics: Engineers assess the effectiveness from solution design to construction stage in the most thorough and close approach. 

It is guaranteed to provide you with a comprehensive solution design with a sensible plan, making the actual building stage faster and more convenient later on, while maintaining the house's attractiveness.

Increasing the apartment's functionality and comfort: Each family's space is designed differently, so to maximise the usage of the apartment, which is also suited for separate living needs, VietPhatGroup will survey and advise on the equipment solution package that best meets your needs.

Saving money: Solve the challenging challenge of equipment installation while avoiding waste when purchasing items that do not serve many practical roles. We will recommend sensible and worthwhile solutions.

Is the cost of smart home installation prohibitively expensive?

What is the cost of setting up a smart home? 

This is a common concern of many homeowners when learning about VietPhatGroup's smart home solutions. In truth, this cost will not be constant, but will vary depending on the number of devices, the degree of utility desired by the client, and the construction of the house.

The smart home installation process is as follows:

Step 1: Conduct a survey and listen to needs.

VietPhatGroup's engineering staff will visit to your home to survey as soon as a customer requests assistance on smart home setup. We'll look at how much the customer's residence costs, what floors and what areas require what equipment, .... Eg:

Install intelligent lighting in all rooms.

Install a 24-hour security system in the living room.

A central controller to assist in the management of all smart gadgets in the house.

Motion detector in the bedroom

CCTV camera and alert sent to phone in the garden....

Step 2: Create designs and solutions

After gathering all of the relevant information, the engineering team will begin designing the equipment layout drawing and the fundamental diagram.

This allows homeowners to view the quantity, kind, and particular installation site based on the plans. From there, figure out how much the smart home installation would cost based on your needs.

Step 3: Reach an agreement and sign the contract

The two parties communicate information, and VietPhatGroup engineers respond passionately and in detail for clients from the product stage, operation, and building phase. Finally, if the customer agrees, he will sign the implementation contract, set the construction date, and determine the cost.

Step 4: Create a smart house

VietPhatGroup specialists bring smart devices in accordance with the intended drawings, as well as essential instruments such as electric pliers, drills, nail hammers, electric testers, rulers, screwdrivers, chisels, ...Then, in the appropriate place, put smart gadgets.

Step 5: Create an app for management and guidance.

After the smart home devices have been properly installed, the technician will set up and train the owner through the usage of VietPhatGroup's management app on the phone. We assist with adding equipment, teaching users on how to use it, and installing scripts based on client needs, if any. Finally, homeowners may test and try to operate the house remotely through smartphone or Vietnamese voice to ensure that everything is in functioning order.


Because VietPhatGroup's smart home solutions all employ devices with Bluetooth Mesh / Zigbee wireless networking standards, they will be implemented for all sorts of housing developments, whether under construction or in use. The items are created in accordance with the goods are built in accordance with market requirements, so there is no need to drill or harm the structure of the home to install them, and the owner is entirely confident in their usage.


By deciding to work with VietPhatGroup, clients are not only dedicated to employing high-quality materials and functions, but they are also saving money and time. VietPhatGroup is always ready to assist customers, offering free consultations at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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