Smart lighting system

The trend of building a smart city (Smart City) that uses the Internet of Things (Internet of Things) IOT platform, artificial intelligence to improve the quality of life, using efficient and environmentally friendly energy resources, natural resources, efficiency of operations and public services has become crucially important in the industrial era revolution 4.0. The Internet of Things (IOT) solution for smart lighting systems is the tendency, the development trend of cities and nations all around the world, including Vietnam.

Smart lighting

Seems to be a digital-based lighting solution that covers all lighting demands while being extremely energy efficient. This is performed through the use of lighting systems that automatically alter in response to outside climatic conditions.

Smart lighting application

Indoor lighting: office, supermarket, apartment, ...

It's sunny: the system lighting formula includes urban landscape, traffic lighting, etc.

If you look closely, you will see the key features of smart street lighting in developed countries around the world; that is, the system device information and auto brings high efficiency encompassing illumination, sensors, automated system control system, and communication system.

Furthermore, with the intelligent street lighting system, the particular feature that attracts our attention is the set up on each light pole for communities demand such as:

  • Smart LED
  • Insert the amount of sunlight that powers the pole lights
  • Camera surveillance
  • Public message system
  • Level call box
  • Public Wifi
  • Notifications, advertisements, and weather forecasts are displayed.
  • Environment sensor Electric car charger
  • Optical fibre

Benefits of smart lighting system

Smart lighting will provide several benefits, particularly to the city and its residents.

Smart lighting will provide a variety of significant benefits to the CITY, including:

  • Potential for energy savings and charging
  • Password forgotten?
  • Build the network rather than wire it.
  • The scope of crime
  • Respond to emergencies more quickly.
  • Improve resident services
  • Environment monitoring and parking help inside the processing range
  • Optimizing distribution information

Furthermore, smart lighting provides several benefits to individuals, including:

  • Street lighting that is cleaner and more dependable
  •  Broadban