Smarthome system

What can a smart home do? It provides a versatile ecological environment that handles lighting, sound, room climate, security, and other features to meet your individuals demand whether you're at home or outside. You can saving both energy and money. A smart house simply understands is know your desires and activities. For instance, morning requires an energetic atmosphere, the temperature and lighting will be adjusted accordingly. It will also ensure that every room maintains the perfect temperature. Not only that, it'll also play songs that everyone prefers, even though it is a different song in every single room. Whether you prefer to cook, relax, or entertain in the evenings, it will all adapt the environment to fit what you'd like to do. All aspects of your home work in harmony with each other to ensure a smart level of automation.

Smart electricity

A smart home is more than just turning things on and off or managing them via apps or voice. Our smart house is much more. VietPhat's smart home system assists your house in automatically managing and controlling your daily activities. You will save around 300 daily activities and 50,000 tasks each year. gives you more time to spend with your loved ones as well as on yourself. "A house that will make you proud."

Smart lighting

With full colour and changeable white light effects, automatic lighting can change any environment and lifestyle. They could well be customised to suit demands using our specially developed LED or any other bulb from a third party. 

Combine various lighting effects, light brightness, and colours to create your own lighting moods with unlimited possibilities. For the ultimate in smart lighting and creativity, each light may be handled separately. We suggest indirect lighting with LED strips along the roof or below the kitchen counter to create even more impressive lighting effects.


Multi-zone air conditioner

Imagine a home that customises itself to the suitable climate for each individual room. Smart home heating and cooling systems can control temperature and air quality without the use of a controller. When people leave their houses or go to sleep at night, they have no ideas or actions to modify their temperature.

Heating systems can save money on their own by automating blinds that coordinate with sunlight and bring in warm air if needed.


Automatic curtains

Besides, the automation of blinds will help you protect yourself from the sun and shade. The curtains will also help to increase the privacy in your house at dusk. When the final employee leaves the workplace, the curtains can also be closed. Smart blinds in smart homes and commercial buildings provide a new level of comfort.

Safe security

"Security for the building and its occupants." When you go to sleep at night in the Smart Home, the house is always secured. It's similar to the employees in any company or office that take a break at last. 

If a thief breaks into the building, the four-phase smart alarm system will be activated, commencing with a smartphone alert. 

Similarly, if a building detects a water leak, you will be instantly alerted by smartphone notifications. Anti-theft prevention, family protection, ground protection, and privacy protection are all included in a smart house.


Multi-zone audio

In addition to a home music system, audio can handle a lot more built-in systems to provide new ways of perceiving sound. Wake up to cheerful music, customise your doorbell sound, obtain text-to-speech reminders, and more.

Screen doorbell

Smart access control systems may be used at any time and from any location. Explore the advantages of personalised access controls for smart homes and buildings. A visitor has arrived at your door; let them in or let them go while you work; monitor your home or check on delivery. Select between a standard sound and a flashing light for your doorbell. 

With the secure access control app on your smart device, you can quickly regulate building access, manage users, set access permissions, and check who is outside the door with the secure access control app on your smart device. One control panel and one administration system for universal access let you have total access control in your hand.


Access control

Access via NFC Readers 

The NFC Keyboard is the beginning of simple access control. Simply hold it up to the NFC Code Touch and, if permitted, access to the selected door or gate will be given. 

The NFC keyboard offers a more secure alternative to keys. If you ’ve lost your key, everybody can find and use it; if you lose your NFC keyboard, you can easily cancel access to it via the app. Then simply enter your passcode to receive access.


Relax with Sauna

You simply receive greater luxury from your personal paradise with automatic control of your spa. Remote access, child-safe landscaping, and lighting allow you to enjoy your designed yard in comfort.Traffic jammed after work? Power up your spa and it will be available for your relaxing time as soon as you arrive, fully equipped with heat, lighting, and your favourite relaxing playlists.

Smart garden

Gardening can be difficult work. Automatic watering control in a smart house can make it easier. Your house will be aware of any climate changes and will know how to respond to them. 
active with the weather. 

The Weather Station and the Weather Service both provide this data in order to stop water-even for fountains on some heavy rainy days. 

Water flow control

When the valve on the water pipe is open, the sprinklers push upward and water the grass. 

Fully integrated outdoor lighting 

Integrate your landscape lights with Field Led Strips, creating light scenes without delay.


Landscape care

"No matter what type of light-landscape, pool, or beneath bar-it can be readily connected and managed."" Combine music and lighting for more lighting mood options. You have the option of activating your lighting setup by opening the door or by the sun.Waterproof LED Strip: Led Strip offers many creative options in your garden, whether it's along the home or bars. Speakers built-in: When you select Party Mode, for example, your favourite energetic music plays with colourful lights and mixes to make only your lights pop out. DMX Control: The DMX controller makes it simple to control outdoor lighting. With the whole colour scale and dimming curves, you may create and adjust the atmosphere with your lighting.

Energy management

"Energy-saving for homes and businesses." Set up warnings for high energy expenses.

Discover the most intelligent energy management system. Solar panels used for heating have the opportunity to save energy by either turning off the power supply or using the energy stored for other activities.Smart collaboration helps in trying to maximise energy savings.

Heating, cooling, shading, lighting, and other systems all work together to keep the workforce as efficient as possible. Goal? Increase energy efficiency. How? The Miniserver manages this communication and even improves the way energy is saved and used throughout the house. All of this could be monitored and observed. "Energy-using."