Integrated Security Camera System

The Integrated Security System (ISS) is+E7 a security system created to provide remote monitoring, management of internal and perimeter security, and a highly integrated solution with the Building system. Management System (BMS)

The integrated security system which consists of many subsystems with distinct control purposes that may be linked and combined into a single big system to satisfy the demands of security control and control. management for businesses such as banks, industries, office buildings, schools, hospitals, amusement parks, and smart farms...


Bank security system:


Three levels of security protect the bank's headquarters.

Outside the Transaction Office, an artificial barrier system protects the campus.

Building anti-theft alarm system for transaction counters, offices, treasury, and management rooms.

When there is a problem, the system of emergency buttons with specific positions enable us to alert you instantly.

Transaction Offices:

A comprehensive transaction office security solution. Vault and Office access permissions solution.

ATM Towers: An alert, anti-theft, and anti-knocking solution for ATMs.

Monetary trucks and special vehicles: A dynamic solution for money truck anti-theft, tracking, and management.

The Jablotron ARC Security Center supervises the whole system.


AI Parking parking control system:

  • The licence plate reading rate is 99% accurate when employing
  • AI artificial intelligence systems in facial recognition, assuring absolute safety for cars and people entering and exiting the office using non-contact cards.
  • The system, along with surveillance cameras when the vehicle enters and departs the system to minimises service time and boosts safety
  • Registration is possible at the entrance or remotely.

Elevator management and control system:

  • Đáp ứng nhu cầu giám sát, quan sát bằng video và hình ảnh một cách trung thực theo thời gian thực cũng như lưu trữ toàn bộ video vào máy tính, các thiết bị lưu trữ để có thể kiểm tra và phân tích khi cần thiết.
  • Dữ liệu lưu trữ tập trung, trích xuất dễ dàng
  • Kết hợp với hệ thống kiểm soát thang máy, kiểm soát ra vào các cửa và hệ thống quản lý bãi giữ xe nhằm giám sát an ninh cho cả tòa nhà, văn phòng ...

Integrated security camera system:

  • Satisfy the specifications for observation supervision truthfully according to factual and specific time with video and images, as well as storing all videos on computers and storage devices to be examined and analysed as necessary.
  • Data storage centralised, easy extract
  • The collaboration of the elevator control system, door access control, and parking lot management system to monitor security for the entire building, workplace allows

Alert management and notifications audio system

To reduce the risk of unsafety and unsecurity in buildings, workplaces, and other constructions by installing alarm systems such as smoke alarms, robber alarms, gas alarms, .... . Visual monitoring software is positioned in the monitoring centre in order to respond and provide prompt solutions when dangerous situations occur.

Security control system for factory, airport, and building entrances:

Integrating detection systems such as baggage scanners to regulate and scan packages, bags, and products, in addition to metal detector systems to identify metals, weapons, or detect items to avoid fraud. Compatible with metal detectors for ultimate safety and anti-terrorism control...