Smart lighting

Professional and experienced construction professionals will advise clients on the benefits of the lighting system in order to reduce electrical problems and conserve power in an effective manner. "Improve operational productivity and profit for customers."

Construction and installation process

1/ Consultation on public lighting design

  • Lighting design is critical to a building's lighting efficiency.
  • Lighting design necessitates rational and scientific calculations based on a comprehensive and accurate light source information database created using contemporary design tools.
  • Our advantage is that we were created by experienced lighting engineers who were advised by Vietnam's leading lighting technical specialists.

2/ Public lighting system construction and installation:

  • Pouring concrete for the exterior high-pressure light pillars' base
  • How to Run Cables in a High Voltage Outdoor Lighting System
  • Install high-pressure light poles outside.
  • Install a high-pressure reflector outside.
  • Pole door electrical panel connection and power hookup for outdoor high voltage lighting system
  • Grounding safely

3/ Upkeep of the public lighting system

Assuring lighting and system safety, steady operation, meeting the specified light ratio, and maximising lighting efficiency.


"Aids in the smooth operation of manufacturing"

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