With nearly 15 years of experience in operation with a team of technical experts recognised by international certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, ... we bring optimal values to each system. customer system: safe, stable, efficient, economical. Our services include consulting, implementing and building new information technology infrastructure projects; and upgrading and renovating the systems according to the development needs of enterprises.

Construction and installation process


1. Conduct a survey and collect customer information.

  • Customer's intended use and equipment usage requirements. 
  • Site survey, building structure, and equipment installation location. 
  • Conditions and quality of construction materials (cables, pipes, braces...). 
  • Conditions that can affect the system (electrical, environmental, etc.). 

2. System Development

  • Detailed technical drawings of the system including types of equipment used (price list, technical features, warranty period), installation diagram, 
  • The number of materials and accessories included.
  • Construction time.


1. Network cabling system construction

  • Deploy conduction equipment (plastic pipes, splints, conductors...).
  • Deploy conduction equipment (plastic pipes, splints, conductors...).
  • Deploy the network cabling system according to the design diagram. 
  • Connect devices (computers, peripherals) to the network.

2. Setting up the network system

  • Divide user groups by VLAN (divide the system into subnets). 
  • Router configuration, routing protocols, load-balancing...
  • Configure the firewall and create a DMZ for the server.
  • Install the operating system for the server. 
  • Protocol settings and network services.
  • Create user groups. 
  • Set up the user's account. 
  • User authorization.Install the network application program. 
  • Set the protocol of the client machines. 
  • Create a client account. 
  • Share clients' resources. 


1. System acceptance and transfer

Check system compatibility and stability. Acceptance of the system for transferring equipment records (warranty card, payment invoice...). Transfer of design and installation contracts, network diagrams.

2. System manual and training.



The system's essential components are always guaranteed to be operational. Backup and recovery procedures should be designed to resolve system issues in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.


The system is stable because it is handled and controlled by the service server, which eliminates the need for user or external agent involvement.


  • Ensure the safety of all system components, including data, software, and hardware. 
  • Simple to use 
  • Components of the IT system may be easily managed, used, and maintained. 

Workplace Productivity

  • Business operations are becoming automated, which increases productivity and efficiency. 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Balancing the needs of IT system application deployment with the business's acceptable size and budget.

The ability to extend

Businesses may save money on renovations by designing with future development in view. 


The system is not only reliable, but it is also really attractive.

What is the difference between IT System Construction Service and VietPhatGroup?

  • Consulting solutions tailored to the demands and size of the company.
  • Genuine goods.
  • Safe and aesthetically pleasing structure.
  • Planning in great detail. Deploy in a timely manner.
  • After-sales service and system operating support

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