Fire protection

"VietPhatGroup has many years of expertise in the field of fire protection system building and installation; we will provide clients with trust and happiness." The installation cost is inexpensive thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers and technical experts.

Construction and installation process

A safe and effective fire protection system installation procedure should follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Gather information and evaluate and categorise fire prevention and fighting efforts.
  • Step 2: Actual construction site survey
  • Step 3: Create an intelligent fire protection system.
  • Step 4: Appraise the design of the fire protection system with the Fire Department 
  • Step 5: Make an estimate of the fire protection system's installation cost. 
  • Step 6: Work on the construction plan.
  • Step 7: Sign cooperation with customers. 
  • Step 8: Install the fire protection system according to the committed process. 
  • Step 9: Before handing over the items, double-check and review them.
  • Step 10: Acceptance of the project


Normally with new construction, the design of the fire protection system needs to be carried out at the same time as the construction design. After it is completed, the investor will proceed to obtain permission from the competent authority. After the licence is approved, the investor will contact the contractor to proceed with the construction and installation of fire protection equipment in accordance with the approved scheme. evaluation and acceptance at the construction site.

For new construction customers who want to save time and procedures, VietPhatGroup we will receive the package from the design step, application for documents, to the acceptance step of the project as above.

For customers who already have a complete profile, we can participate in the equipment supply, installation, and acceptance stages. We guarantee the quality of products supplied, high-precision construction techniques, and an on-time installation schedule. 

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