Dear our Agencies and Enterprises!

First of all, VietPhat Technique – Service – Trading only member Co., LTD (VietPhatGroup) wants to say thank you to all of our Agencies and Enterprises cooperated, cooperating with our company.

VietPhatGroup have been created with a purpose to accompany with our Agencies and Enterprise on approaching and applying efficiently technology system such as: Information Technology System (Network) – Integrated Security System (Camera) – Fire Protection Technology System (PCCC) as well as the progression of our Agencies and Enterprises.

VietPhatGroup desiderates to bring up the best quality products coming from reputable – high quality – professional manufacturer over the world such as BOSCH, SIEMEN, AXIS, AGIVILON, BELCO, CISCO, HP, VMWARE, POLYCOM, AVAYA, FUJITSU, SONY, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, HIKVISION.

VietPhatGroup has been known about “ Design Consultant – Supplier – Constructing and Installing” : Integrated CCTV Security Camera – Fire Protection System – Information Technology System Network, in which being a professional, flexible, creative business organization’s structure. Therefore, we want our Agencies and Enterprises to have the best services and products, whereas, ultimate quality and affordable cost is our advantage.

To Optimizely enhance our position and services’ quality on the market, these are our top goal:


vietphatgroup lắp đặt báo trộm, báo cháy, báo động bình dương

Success Continued Success” is the motto of VietPhatGroup, and VietPhatGroup is always confident with our own motto, to bring you Agency – Your business satisfaction and peace of mind when choosing “VietPhatGroup” is a companion for your “Safe and Successful Development“.

Security – Peacefulness – Good Health and Prosperity

Over many years of experiencing and activating in the field of “Providing Information Technology Solutions, Professional Safety and Security“. VietPhatGroup alway maintains our reputation and affirms our capacity, creating “Belief” from the Investors through the works have been provided and constructed. VietPhatGroup is looking forward to continuing to cooperate with you in the present and in the future.

To be satisfied and accompany the development with Your Agency – Your Enterprise with the best quality products and services is the happiness of VietPhatGroup.

VietPhatGroup Best regards!